Who we are


The Civil Association for Research and Development in Health (ACINDES in Spanish) is an academic, private, non-profit, international institution founded in 1985. Its main goal is to promote and organize continuing education programs for the health team (doctors, and other health professionals) and the general public with the aim that such activities contribute to reach a level of excellence in health services and medical care offered to the population.

ACINDES brings together a group of health professionals and specialists in various fields, who contribute their experience to these programs to improve the quality of care for the benefit of the community, and specifically, the most vulnerable groups of society.

"Give a man a fish, and you will feed him for one day. Tomorrow he may be a beggar.

Teach him how to fish, and you will feed him for life; tomorrow he will teach others."

Kuang-Tzu. Chinese poet and philosopher, (300 B.C.)


ACINDES has a clear academic vocation whose central core is medical-scientific training. Its activity is centered around:

  • Development of projects of medical continuous education
  • Development of online courses
  • Organizing local, regional and international activities aimed at health professionals. Development, cultural adaptation and publishing of translations (English, Spanish and Portuguese).
  • Development and printing of high technical quality books and publications at an international level.

Medical Publishing Company AVWWE (Alliance for World Wide Editing), founded in 1992, produces the materials for the educational programs of ACINDES.

Editorial Médica AWWE


ACINDES develops academic activities in various formats.

Research Projects

Emergency Trainings (Courses and materials)


Educational and training programs and courses, accredited, online, in person

Scientific Publications

Pharmacoeconomic analysis. Evaluation of technology and medical procedures (cost-efficiency analysis, quality of life studies, etc.)