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Depression Training Program 2018

It aims to offer an update on depression knowledge focused on two main areas, diagnostic and treatment.

Update on Major Depression Guides (closed course)

Its objective is to provide Primary Care physicians with the latest and greatest developments in the treatment and diagnosis of major depression.

The following topics are addressed in the guide:

  • Topic 1. Introduction
  • Topic 2. Early detection
  • Topic 3. Clinical interview
  • Topic 4. Diagnostic criteria of major depression
  • Topic 5. Differential diagnosis with other affective disorders associated with sadness and /or lack of pleasure
  • Topic 6. Depression in medical conditions
  • Topic 7. Medical complications of depressive disease
  • Topic 8. Natural evolution of disease
  • Topic 9. Primary care consideration within the context of chronic disease
  • Topic 10. Treatment of depression
  • Topic 11. Long term depression