In Emergencies, ACINDES, through the international network AIDER (with the support of ViaMedica International), organizes training courses, and translates and publishes the materials for the courses through the Medical Publishing Company AWWE:

AIDER Editorial Médica AWWE


Search and rescue

  • FSAR - Search and rescue basics


  • DPM - Catastrophes, basic concepts for management
  • PEDS - Pediatrics in Disaster Zones, PEDS in Spanish, with the cooperation of AAP, of 10 modules offered in various countries (Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Qatar, US, Vietnam, China)
  • CHILD (Care of children in disaster zones) - with the support of OMS and CDC Guatemala, aimed at all the health team
  • NRBQ - Handling of healthcare team in nuclear, radiation, biologic and chemical incidents
  • ICS - Introduction to the incident management system


Training in remote locations

  • WFA - First aid in remote locations
  • WAFA - Advanced first aid in remote locations
  • WFR - First responders in remote locations
  • WALS - Advanced vital support in remote locations

Urban emergencies and local help

  • Basic rescue with first aid, CPR and EAD
  • Advanced rescue with trauma and disaster preparation
  • First Aid
  • CPR - Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • EAD - External Automatic Defibrillation
  • CPR for health professionals

Medical vehicles

  • Strategies for driving emergency vehicles

Geriatric emergencies

  • GMES - Geriatrics in pre-hospital medical emergencies

Pediatric emergencies

  • C-AHEPLS - Advanced hospital course for pediatric emergencies and urgent care in a hospital setting
  • C- PPHEC - Pre-hospital course for pediatric emergencies and urgent care
  • PedFACTS - Pediatric first aid for educators and persons responsible for child care
  • Manual of Pediatric Emergencies Outside of a Hospital Setting
  • APLS


  • TERIM - Trauma and response in emergencies for industrial medicine ITEC - International Program for Emergency Care of Trauma

Aquatic rescue

  • AFR - Aquatic first responder
  • APL - Advanced lifeguard for pools (advanced rescuer for pools)
  • AOWL - Advanced lifeguard for open waters (advanced rescuer for open waters)
  • SWFR - Rescue in fast moving water and floods
  • CWS - Community safety in aquatic environments
  • Prevention of work-related risks for lifeguards (prevention of work-related risks in water rescue teams)

Rescue during avalanches

  • AOT - Operator in avalanches
  • Snow expert


  • F Survival- Basic concepts of survival


  • Since 1999 until 2005, ACINDES prepared and published the Spanish and Portuguese translations of all the materials of the Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) program of the American Heart Association (AHA), that are now distributed, through its publishing alliance, Medical Publishing Company AWWE.

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